Pete got his start welding in the early 1960’s while living in Madison, Wisconsin.  Shortly thereafter he moved to Berkeley, California where he got a job at the local shipyards working on freighters.  It was in Berkeley where Pete developed the love of making sculpture and shared a studio building with other artists of the day. After attending the infamous 1969 free concert at the Altamont Speedway, featuring among others, the Rolling Stones, at Pete decided it was time to move out of the Bay area and headed north to La Conner, Washington.
            Over the next few years Pete bounced around between La Conner and Bellingham working mainly at shipyards and also a stint at Dunlap towing. Then in 1975 Pete moved up to Orcas Island, got married and started a family.  One of Pete’s more memorable projects happened in 1979 when he was commissioned to build a life-size Orca Whale. Pete has lived on Orcas ever since, being the island’s resident welder, and creating sculpture when time permitted.  Around 2000, Pete began carving stone and now his sculptural work is often a combination of stone and steel. As Pete says, “I try to make practical things sculptural.” Going into the future, Pete would like to focus on making his “practical sculpture” continuing to mix the use of stone and steel.


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